Project 52

For the past few years I have attend a College to learn a more in-depth level of photography, this is where I developed a real love and passion for the Darkroom. I then signed up for an on-line photographic degree course, which I found terribly lacking, not meeting my expectations / standards of a higher education.

Where do I go from here?

I remembered a course that I initially viewed on Flickr called Project 52. This is run by Don Giannatti a well respected product / commercial photographer who shares his knowledge through various training enterprises.

I would like to turn my photographic enthusiasm into a profession that can serve my local community, either by voluntary contributions or, (gasp) getting paid.

So, I have signed up for Project 52 to learn about product photography, which I'm really looking forward to along with meeting fellow photographers with the same interests and passion as myself.

Project 52 commences on the 4th September - a new journey.